What was the motivation to found AVANTGARDE?
The desire to experience something is probably older than the history of AVANTGARDE. We simply felt the need that people not only want products, but they want to experience something. And when I look back on 35 years now, I think we can call ourselves the obstetricians of Brand Experience.

What is characteristic for the culture of AVANGARDE?
I think the AVANTGARDE culture is characterized by one thing and that is enthusiasm. Our employees are quick to get excited and they inspire others quickly.

What will be the next big challenge for companies and brands?
The next revolution, the next big disruption for brands and for companies will be how to maneuver in the Experience Economy. I believe that when we look at brand experience in the future, it will be very, very important for brands to make brand experience measurable.

How important is partnership?
I had the original idea for AVANTGARDE, but I had partners who helped me from the beginning. EMH is the ideal partner for us. EMH understands us as entrepreneurs and do not address us as financial investors, but from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.