Kiveda wants to revolutionise the purchasing process of interior design.

Kiveda is the leading multichannel provider of fitted kitchens in Germany. With its well-known küchenquelle brand, the Kiveda Group takes an integrated sales approach that closely links mixed-reality glasses, online platforms, digitalised kitchen showrooms and a professional sales force. Manging Partner Andreas Rode talks about the company:


How did the idea of Kiveda come about?

Kitchens have gradually become the centre of our homes. Kiveda was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in order to revolutionise the kitchen industry.

What makes Kiveda different from other companies in the industry?

When we purchased küchenquelle in 2016, we combined a strong, traditional brand with our innovative approach. Our true strength and unique selling proposition is planning a kitchen at our customers’ home and using HoloLens 3D technology. Our 130 kitchen consultants basically put our customers into their future kitchens.

What is Kiveda’s goal for the next few years?

We will revolutionise the kitchen industry by bringing emotions to life. And at some point we will move out of the kitchen. In future, if you move into a new house, Kiveda will be the one showing you how it will look like to live in this house.

How did the cooperation with EMH Partners come about?

If you develop a new technology, you need funding. I believe that we have a good partner on our side, who also strongly believes in technology and shares our vision for the future.

What added value do you gain from this cooperation?

EMH is young, modern and future-oriented. We consider EMH as sparring partner which we actively approach and happily involve in our decision-making. With EMH, I really have people on my side, who understand the topic and help to find better solutions.