• 2012

    Founded in Berlin

  • c300

    employees in two locations

  • Interior design sales

    with mixed reality

  • 2016

    Investment by EMH Partners

Every day, 130 Kiveda sales people are at the customer’s home for a digital, individual kitchen planning.

Kiveda is revolutionising the sale of fitted kitchens as the first multichannel distributor. The strong direct selling which is enriched by an online and in-store selling makes buying a kitchen an individual and emotional experience for the customer. With the future use of mixed-reality glasses, Kiveda creates a unique market offering that meets customers’ requirements to an unprecedented degree. EMH Partners has been part of the digital transformation of interior design as an investor since 2016.

  • Majority interest

  • Digitization of the sales process

  • Expansion of the sales organization

Idea and vision

Interior design reimagined. A 2D process becomes 3D planning in real time.

Kiveda was founded in Berlin in 2012 by a group of young entrepreneurs aiming to revolutionise the kitchen business. Out of an online shop for customers to configure their own kitchens, they have built a company that makes the purchase of a fitted kitchen an individual experience at the customers’ home. Using HoloLens mixed-reality glasses, the future kitchen is projected into the room during the sales talk, enabling customers to experience it almost as if it were already there. This is a unique market offering.

The acquisition of küchenquelle in 2016 combined tradition and innovation. The vision is clear: to turn a revolution in kitchen planning into an international interior design revolution.

Maximilian Kuss EMH Partners

‘Kiveda is the perfect example of tomorrow’s Mittelstand company. We saw the potential of the idea and want to be part of the interior revolution.’

Maximilian Kuss, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, EMH Partners


Value creation through digitisation. For innovative interior design worldwide.

Recent years have seen a wealth of opportunities created by the advanced use of new technologies. Kiveda plans to keep improving the customer experience and the interior design sales process, and to apply digitisation to all areas of home furnishing. The next steps are to build a cloud-based system platform, incorporate social media into the sales process and develop individual avatars for the application.

This is how Kiveda is changing the world of interior design.


Two out of three new Kiveda customers are acquired online.

130 sales representatives from Kiveda visit more than 30,000 households per year

Kiveda offers an end-to-end digitized sales process.

Kiveda’s objective: interactive interior design planning and mixed-reality sales.

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