• 1999

    Founded in Munich

  • >180

    employees in four locations

  • Design lighting

    premium brand

  • 2017

    Investment by EMH Partners

Occhio has established a completely new lighting system on the market.

Occhio is the market leader for high-end design lighting. An idea for a product has been turned into a holistic lighting system – a system that offers via innovative LED technology the perfect lighting for every situation, in a consistent design and excellent quality. Occhio stands out from the competition and is setting new standards on the market with its holistic product portfolio, high quality of light and innovative user experience. Since 2017 EMH Partners has been supporting Axel Meise, founder and CEO of Occhio, on its way to becoming the global market leader.

  • Significant minority stake

  • Digitisation of the customer journey

  • Internationalisation of the brand

Idea and vision

From a product idea to a holistic lighting system.

Axel Meise

The idea for Occhio was born in the 1990s. Axel Meise was working in his first own company as a lighting designer and so gained in-depth knowledge of the market and consumers. He spotted the market opportunity for a holistic, integrated and modular lighting system that makes customers the lighting designers of their own living space. Occhio was established on these foundations in 1999.

In fact, Occhio was founded twice over. Once in 1999 and then again with the technological shift to LEDs, which resulted in a reset for the brand – and in the opportunity to develop the product portfolio as it is today: digital products that can be controlled through integrated sensors via intuitive gestures and via an app through the Bluetooth-based Occhio air control system – setting new standards for quality of light and user experience across the entire industry.

Axel Meise, Founder and CEO, Occhio
‘Lighting is about quality of life. We want to make the new culture of light available to as many people as possible around the world.’

A partner at every level.

Axel Meise has his eyes set on his goal: to bring Occhio’s vision to the world. The plan is to transform market leadership in Germany into market leadership in Europe followed by further international expansion. EMH Partners is the entrepreneurial sparring partner at Axel Meise’s side on this journey.

Axel Meise, Maximilian Kuss

‘We believe in the potential of Occhio. We will be supporting the company’s expansion with our digitisation know-how.’

Maximilian Kuss, Co-founder and Managing partner, EMH Partners


Added value through digitisation. To scale the brand internationally.

The success of Occhio in the DACH market has shown the potential in the idea of ​​Axel Meise. Over the next few years, Occhio’s leading position as a company and brand will be established internationally. The further development of management structures, international expansion and the digitization of the customer journey will be the key goals.

This is how Occhio is changing the world of lighting

Lighting from Occhio achieves a score of 97% of the quality of natural sunlight.

Among the top 20 German luxury brands, Occhio is the youngest company and the only brand for lighting.

Thanks to integrated infrared sensors and Bluetooth control via app, Occhio luminaires offer a completely new user experience with light.

Occhio’s objective: to establish a new global culture of light.

More about the new culture of light.

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