About us

Our DNA. Entrepreneurship is in our blood.

EMH Partners stands for a new generation of visionary investors. We act as equals and sparring partners for leading Mittelstand companies. We enable entrepreneurs to think bigger, to overcome limitations and to realise their full potential.

What makes our approach so fascinating is not only the numbers and the returns, but also the unifying power that strong personalities can provide. It is based on entrepreneurial thinking, empathy and a down-to-earth attitude, and it creates inspiring partnerships between investors, entrepreneurs and experts. We bring this unique impact to bear in a new entrepreneurial dimension: financial investments become a network that delivers sustainable benefits for all. After a successful exit, we enable the entrepreneurs to become investors themselves, and thus create a cycle of collective, exponential growth.

EMH Digital Growth Fund

Growth capital for the European Mittelstand.

In 2016 we launched the EMH Digital Growth Fund to focus on investments in medium-sized businesses. Our strategy is based on our entrepreneurial approach, our digital competence and our many years of experience as investors. We close a gap that exists between venture capital and classic buyout funds, where there is little capital available for growth financing.

Fund I.

The first EMH Digital Growth Fund closed at a total volume of EUR 350 million. A further EUR 350 million are available through a co-investment program.


European capital for European companies.

At EMH Partners we don’t just talk about aligning our interests with those of our investors, we really do it. Around 90 per cent of the fund volume comes from Europe, from well-known pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, funds of funds, financial institutions, trusts, family offices and successful entrepreneurs. The EMH team itself is among the investors. From analysts to partners, our team has invested a double-digit million euro amount in the fund. We not only believe in the success of our investment philosophy, we are part of it.

From entrepreneurs to investors.


Between 2003 and 2006 – while they were still at school and university – Maximilian and Sebastian Kuss founded two technology companies which they sold at a profit. By establishing and successfully selling both companies, they created the basis for their expertise in the digital economy.

Private investors

Maximilian and Sebastian Kuss founded the EMH Group in 2010. From technology entrepreneurs they became private investors, and together with sympathetic family offices and co-investors were able to invest more than EUR 100 million in young tech and e-commerce companies. Most of these investments have already been successfully sold.

Fund I.

EMH Digital Growth Fund was launched and the first investment was made in an existing portfolio company: EMH Partners has held an investment in the Kiveda Group since October 2016. By 2018 a total of five minority investments had been made. After Kiveda, investments were made in Occhio, Native Instruments, Design Offices and Brainlab. The aim is to exploit the full digital growth potential of these companies as an active partner.


We are passionate, personal and forward-looking.

Building Partnerships


Integrity is the foundation for our working relationship with our partners. The atmosphere in our team is also one of mutual appreciation. Being able to rely on one another creates sustainable, long-t


It all begins with the right partner. Openness and trust between equals are a precondition for reaching ambitious targets together. That is why it is so important for us to really get to know our part


We strive for excellence – in every respect. Within our network of the most successful and most influential entrepreneurs, investors and experts, we combine expertise and realise synergies for excelle


Thinking and acting like entrepreneurs is in our DNA. We share our partners’ visions and help to make them come true, both as providers of capital and as sparring partners.

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