We help businesses through strategic capital, deep industry expertise and a shared vision for growth.

EMH Partners pursue a consistent investment strategy in a clearly defined market:

We invest equity in fast-growing, medium-sized technology companies in Europe, with a focus on the DACH region. Our size of shareholding is >25%, with an average investment of €30 – €300 million. The unifying elements of our target investments are, for example, a high degree of digitalization potential and resulting growth opportunities, as well as the revenues generated. The companies turn over between €50 and €500 million and are already profitable.

We do not invest in ideas, but in the future of the Mittelstand.

A Shared Vision for Growth
We build long-term value alongside entrepreneurs and management teams.
  • Vision

    Quantify and sharpen the company’s vision and focus.

  • Growth

    Financial and functional support to implement the chosen objectives.

  • Realisation

    Personal guidance and advice on the exit process from our experts.

  • Vision
  • Growth
  • Realisation

Phase 1 – Vision

Define common goals.

Most of this process takes place before the investment is made. Our aim is to define, analyse and evaluate the opportunities and options of working together for both sides.

As investors we want to add real value in addition to our capital – to make the best use of our know-how and network for each individual company. We want to enable entrepreneurs to look further and aim higher. Only once the vision phase has been successfully completed and we have defined a clear and common vision do we move on to actually investing growth capital.

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    Investment volume from EUR 30 to 300 million
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    Equity that is not dependent on banks
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    Size of shareholding > 25%
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    Partnership 5-10 years

Phase 2 – Growth

Exploit potential and opportunities together.

This phase of the relationship is about long-term partnership and support to optimise the business model and generate further growth. In addition to growth capital, we primarily contribute our entrepreneurial experience, our network and our skills in digitisation.

For our portfolio companies we are bridge-builders to relevant partners and markets, personal interlocutors and active sparring partners to broaden the decision-making basis. We offer support with M&A and succession planning and facilitate access to an exclusive network of top companies and influential individuals that can generate valuable synergies and halo effects.

Strategic benefits for our partners.

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    Organisational development
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    Go-to-market strategy
  • Network
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    Industry advisers
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Phase 3 – Realisation

A successful partnership.

We invest in a company for an average of five to ten years. Personal guidance in the decisive investment process – the realisation phase – has top priority for us.

It is about individual support with the exit process and its timing and securing the best deal by means of the network and trusted advisers.

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