Design Offices is the pioneer for New Work in Germany.

Design Offices is the leading provider of corporate coworking with 35 locations throughout Germany. The offer includes flexible offices and coworking areas as well as inspiring rooms for conferences and events – perfectly adapted to the requirements of New Work. The range is complemented by comprehensive service on demand. Founder and CEO Michael Schmutzer talks about his company:


How did you come up with the idea of Design Offices?

The idea was born from two components: 1. People need places to exchange. 2. Digitalisation changes our work environment. New Work is the answer to these requirements.

What has Design Offices achieved since it was founded?

We pioneered corporate co-working in Germany and became the number one. Design Offices is the perfect partner for SME and corporates. We have 35 locations in 12 cities with more than 15000 workspaces.

What is the goal for the next few years?

It is our goal to further strengthen our market leading position and shape the work of tomorrow. Together with EMH, we now want become the market leader in Europe.

How did the cooperation with EMH Partners start?

The rapid growth of the market made us look for a strong partner to achieve that goal. In partnership with EMH, we developed a business strategy, which is also the cornerstone for the digitalisation of the company.

What is your added value in this cooperation?

Our partnership with EMH is characterised by mutual trust and close collaboration. The biggest value add of this partnership is the digitalisation know how and entrepreneurial mindset. We share a common vision and work tirelessly to make it come true.