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  • 2011

    Founded in Berlin (GER)

  • >250

    Employees in 3 locations

  • Services

    Performance Marketing Solutions

  • 2022

    Investment by EMH Partners

Smarketer is the leading performance marketing service provider in the DACH region focusing on data and tech driven driven solutions

The company is one of the fastest growing and leading specialist for Google Search, Shopping & CSS, Microsoft Bing Search, Amazon, YouTube, Display and Conversion Rate Optimization.
Smarketer enables especially small and medium enterprises to grow their revenues sustainably and efficiently using data analytics and tech driven tools to steer and manage their search related online advertising spendings.

  • Significant minority interest

  • Expansion of services offered, also via acquisitions

  • Internationalisation

"Marketing is experience-based: with more than 900 active projects in Google Ads, we pass on experience to our clients every day - at the same time, more than 900 entrepreneurs share their experiences with us.
Thanks to this valuable exchange, Smarketer is now the market leader in Google Ads. Our customers have influenced us, and we are grateful for that!"

David Gabriel, Founder and CEO Smarketer



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