12. January 2024

DLD24 – Panel “Fighting cancer with AI” with Prof. Torsten Haferlach and Sebastian Kuss

Recording of the panel

Munich, January 12, 2024Will we all remember 2024 as the year that AI became mainstream?

Prof. Torsten Haferlach and Sebastian Kuss, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at EMH, discussed the topic of “Fighting cancer with AI” in a joint panel at DLD24 in Munich.

Prof. Haferlach, Co-Founder and Managing Director at MLL, is a hematologist and a proven expert in leukemia diagnostics and therapy. He has dedicated himself to the fight against cancer for 40+ years.

According to Prof. Haferlach AI is not a gadget, but a game changer” in the realm of new diagnostic possibilities. Data saves lives, enabling speedy, yet better quality in diagnostics and thus patient-centered care.

-→ Follow the link to watch the recording of the panel:


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