Native Instruments

  • 1996

    Founded in Berlin

  • >400

    employees in seven locations

  • Software

    hardware and online services for music production

  • 2017

    Investment by EMH Partners

Native Instruments makes music production accessible for anyone.

Native Instruments turns computers into musical instruments. As the leading provider of software, hardware and digital services for music production, Native Instruments fundamentally changes the music industry and revolutionises the way people make music. Music production is no longer a system reserved for a privileged few, but is technically and financially accessible for everyone. EMH Partners has been supporting the democratisation of the music industry since its investment in 2017.

  • Minority stake

  • Transformation to a SaaS solution

  • Establishment of a central online platform

Idea and vision

Democratisation of music production.

Daniel Haver

Native Instruments was created in the 1990s with the idea of turning computers into musical instruments. Technological advances also enabled Native Instruments to keep refining its products: a complete, integrated solution for professional and amateur musicians was developed using software, hardware and digital services, which opens up new levels of creativity for music production. Native Instruments’ tools are also used in film scoring, game scoring and sounds for the advertisement industry.

Daniel Haver joined the company as managing director and co-founder in 1997, with the task of driving Native Instruments forward with his digitisation and management expertise. He came with the clear aim of changing the world of music with Native Instruments. More than 20 years later, he can say that this is exactly what he did. The greatest artists of our age use technologies from Native Instruments; entire musical genres such as dubstep would not exist without its products, and millions of people now have access to an affordable way of producing music.

Daniel Haver, Co-Founder Native Instruments
‘I knew that we could contribute to making the world a more musical and more creative place.'

A partner at every level.

The list of internationally relevant artists who work with Native Instruments is an inspiring reflection of the company’s success. It aims to continuously redefine what is technically possible and keep disrupting existing boundaries. EMH Partners is its sparring partner as it takes its next steps.

Sebastian Kuss EMH Partners

‘The passion behind this company is fascinating. We want to support Native Instruments with its ambitious vision.’

Sebastian Kuss, Co-founder and Managing Partner, EMH Partners


Added value through digitisation. For international cooperation and easy access to all products.

Native Instruments has left its mark on whole genres and made music production of the highest quality simple and accessible to everyone. In the years ahead, the aim is to create an online platform on which musicians and creative artists can exchange ideas and get access to, everything required to make great music.

How Native Instruments is changing the world of music and sounds.

Eight out of ten tracks played on the radio were created using Native Instruments’ products.

Sounds in Game of Thrones or any Volkswagen Group car come from Native’s software.

From 7 offices on 3 continents Native reaches millions of users worldwide.

The goal of Native Instruments is to make the world a more musical and more creative place.

More about the revolutionary tools from Native Instruments.

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