28. July 2022

AVANTGARDE founds Creative Consulting Unit: AVANTGARDE SHIFT

Munich, July 28, 2022 – AVANTGARDE Group establishes AVANTGARDE SHIFT, a new unit at the intersection of strategic consulting and Human Centric Design. SHIFT stands for a change of perspective away from corporate beliefs and dogmas towards the analysis of the true needs of target groups. Thus, AVANTGARDE expands its portfolio of services and transports the term “experience” beyond marketing communication into real life.

AVANTGARDE SHIFT offers companies consulting and creative solutions to problems, where initially often only the desired result is clearly outlined, but not the practical measures and means to achieve this goal. Often, analyzing and fulfilling the wishes of target groups opens up completely new approaches and perspectives on the original problem. AVANTGARDE SHIFT henceforth stands for the courage to throw long-held convictions overboard and to dare new ideas.

The international and interdisciplinary team of AVANTGARDE SHIFT uses these iterative processes and methods from Human Centric Design to develop holistic solutions for clients that contribute to their strategic goals, pay off on brand value and have already been validated by future users.

The newly formed unit is headed by Johannes Kemnitzer (41): “For us, two things are fundamental: First, to focus on the needs and goals of the users. The other is to bring the theoretical concepts to the road in the form of concrete solutions and make them tangible. And here, of course, the operational punch and all the experience of AVANTGARDE helps us.”

Previously, Kemnitzer worked at AVANTGARDE and as Director Brand Strategy at Martin et Karczinski for many years.

Dr. Marc Schumacher, Co-CEO AVANTGARDE, is also hopeful about the new unit: “It is a great pleasure for me to have AVANTGARDE SHIFT as another sharp tool in our portfolio to tear down dogmatic walls in thinking and find new ways to interact with target groups. In addition to strategic consultants, the SHIFT team is therefore also a nucleus for design researchers and service designers – profiles that have not been classically associated with AVANTGARDE.”

AVANTGARDE SHIFT thus contributes in the long term as creative consulting with product, service and system design to strengthen AVANTGARDE’s strategic consulting offering and expand the creative field. Clients already include the Frankfurt Book Fair, Deutsche Bahn and AOK Bayern.


Lisa Stuhler becomes Chief Strategy Officer of AVANTGARDE Group