• 1989

    Founded in Munich

  • >1,800

    employees in 20 locations

  • Medical technology

    for image-guided surgery

  • 2018

    Investment by EMH Partners

Brainlab technologies are used every day in more than 5,800 hospitals in 117 countries.

As the global market leader for innovative image-guided medical technology, Brainlab optimises surgical interventions. Digital models of the human anatomy enable operations and radiotherapy that are more precise, less invasive and safer for the patient. Brainlab’s successful development is based on making efficient use of the opportunities offered by digitisation. EMH Partners has supported this success as an investor since 2018.

  • Significant minority stake

  • Digitisation of further areas of medicine

  • Internationalisation of application area

The Brainlab vision

One encounter led to a medical revolution.

Stefan Vilsmeier saw the opportunity to use the diagnostic accuracy of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging more effectively for surgical applications. The idea for Brainlab was born from this insight and his affinity for 3D software. The company combines the digital and the physical worlds to maximise the benefits of each.

It all began in 1982 with Vilsmeier’s first computer, a Commodore 64. The fascination he felt at being able to scale ideas and outputs with this computer, along with his enthusiasm for 3D software, led him to publish a book on the subject a year later, when he was just 16, and which sold more than 50,000 copies. After completing his school leaving exam, he was invited to the Medical University of Vienna. There Stefan Vilsmeier came into contact with diagnostic imaging for the first time – the spark for a groundbreaking business idea.

Stefan Vilsmeier, Founder and CEO of Brainlab
‘Software developers at Brainlab don’t say they are coding software. They say they are trying to find a cure for cancer. Our common goal is to really make a difference.’

A partner at every level.

Stefan Vilsmeier has set himself the goal of opening up other areas of clinical practice with Brainlab’s optimised approach to treatment in the years ahead. EMH Partners is a sparring partner enabling Vilsmeier to realise this vision without having to fight alone.

‘Brainlab is a company that is shaping the future. We believe in this vision, which is why we invested.’

Sebastian Kuss, Co-Founder and Managing Partner


Added value through digitisation. For innovative medicine worldwide.

Over the past 30 years Brainlab has demonstrated the opportunities that digitisation opens up in medicine. In the years ahead the aim is to make Brainlab technologies accessible to even more physicians and clinics and to create a digital platform for the global exchange of medical information.

How Brainlab is changing the world of medicine.

A total of 750 of the 1,000 relevant cancer centres worldwide use software from Brainlab.

5,600 hospitals around the world already use Brainlab technologies today.

As a global company, Brainlab employs over 1,500 people from 69 nations.


Brainlab’s objective: effective medical treatment.