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  • 1989

    Founded in Munich (GER)

  • >2,200

    employees in 25 locations

  • Medical technology

    for image-guided surgery

  • 2018

    Investment by EMH Partners

Brainlab technologies are used every day in more than 6,300 hospitals in 120 countries.

Brainlab, a pioneering technology company with a longstanding dedication to innovation in the fields of surgery and radiosurgery, develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology. Brainlab technology is designed to support clinicians in treating patients with cancer and other diseases of the brain and body. With approximately 14,500 systems at more than 6,300 hospitals in 120 countries, Brainlab is committed to the fight against cancer and advancing global access to consistency in treatment.


  • Significant minority stake

  • Digitisation of further areas of medicine

  • Internationalisation of application area

“It is our goal to support everyone involved in the fight against life-threatening diseases and medical conditions by introducing innovative digital technologies that facilitate better treatment outcomes for all patients.”

Stefan Vilsmeier, Founder and CEO of Brainlab

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